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Phantom Sun PNG

Phantom Sun


7% Alc/Vol

Phantom Sun BG 01


Taste Profile

A special project with Omega Yeast where we fermented an IPA using their new thiol boosting yeast, Cosmic Punch.

In general, thiols are the explosive aromatic compounds typically found in NZ Sauvignon Blanc wine - and we wanted to get those aromas in this beer. So, in addition to using special techniques to saturate the beer with Thiol precursors, we also used a NZ product, Phantasm, which is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes vines and is loaded with even more Thiol precursors. Omega's Cosmic Punch yeast takes those precursors and uses them to unlock some serious aromatics. We then double dry hop with Eggers Farm Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin, and Motueka for even more aroma. Accordingly, this IPA pops with notes of papaya, passionfruit, gooseberry, grapefruit pith and fresh-cut grass - about as close as you can get to the notes of an NZ Sauv Blanc wine without it actually being wine.


  • 16oz