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Canned Cocktails Release Party

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Social Canned Cocktail Release

Our first trio of Canned Cocktails are here! Swing by the Lounge on Monday, July 26th and try a canned cocktail at the bar, or take a 4-pack home with you.

Introducing Maplewood's first Canned Cocktails:

  • Palmer Square: Award Winning Spruce Gin added to the classic Iced Tea and Lemonade combination, finished with locally produced orange bitters to balance sweetness and further elevate the citrus notes. 12% ABV
  • Whiskey Sour: Wheated Whiskey masterfully blended with ginger, lemon, grapefruit and locally sourced orange bitters. A complex drinking experience with a tart citrus punch that dances to the notes of creamy vanilla, fruit, and oak from the whiskey. 15% ABV
  • Rum Punch: House Rum served as a base for a unique take on a classic rum punch. Orange and pineapple accompany an infusion of hibiscus and a hint of cinnamon to make this a quaffable and fruity delight. 10% ABV
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