Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Cuppaccino / Dripping Citra Package


Pre-order your Cuppaccino and Dripping Citra package TODAY!

$32 Package Includes: ONE 2-Pack of Cuppaccino (2 cans) + ONE 4-Pack of Dripping Citra (4 cans)

  • Purchase the full allotment at one time (buy TWO Packages in a single purchase) and get $4 dollars off your cart.
  1. Pick up dates/times will be announced in the following weeks. Mid-April ETA.
  2. 21+ only. An order receipt must be presented at time of pick up, or a valid government issued ID matching the order name.
  3. 21+ Proxies are allowed (just have them forward you their receipt and bring it along with the pickup - the name on the receipt is what will be used to match orders).
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