Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Softcore Mutation Saison Raugies PNG

Softcore Mutation Series

Mixed Culture Foeder Beer

6% Alc/Vol

Softcore Mutation BG 01


Taste Profile

A mindfully crafted series of mixed-culture fermented ales aged in American oak foeders.

These complex beers are often conditioned with fruit for an extended period of time, resulting in a sour, yet soft finish.

Series Beers

  • Foeder Tropical
  • Foeder Pears
  • Flanders Red
  • Foeder Pinot Noir
  • Foeder Apricots
  • Foeder Raspberries
  • Foeder Zest
  • Saison Raugies
  • Foeder Cherries
  • Foeder Blend No. 001 - Foeder Peach and Cherry Blend