Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Be Fluid.

Finely Crafted Beer & Spirits, Since 2014

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Maplewood opened with the mission to push liquid boundaries in an unassuming building nestled in Chicago’s historic Logan Square neighborhood.

Our Story

The first of its kind in Illinois to establish brewing and distilling roots under a single roof, Maplewood has been producing finely crafted beer and spirits since 2014. Three years after moving into the production facility, Maplewood opened their Lounge, a neighborhood staple doubling as a taproom and cocktail bar. Beginning commercial distribution throughout Illinois shortly after settling into Logan Square, Maplewood has since expanded their distribution footprint into Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Kansas. Maplewood’s fans have come to expect expertly crafted beer and spirits in a wide range of styles.

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The Crew


  • Cieslakbarrels

    Adam Cieslak

    Founding Brewer & CEO

  • Ari Megalis

    Ari Megalis

    Head Distiller & Co-Founder

  • Paul Megalis

    Paul Megalis

    CFO & Co-Founder

  • Kevin Holl

    Kevin Holl



  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    Distiller / Special Projects Manager

  • Roger Cuzelis

    Roger Cuzelis

    Head Brewer

  • Anthony1 2

    Anthony Haynes


  • Rdscifo2 2

    Mike Scifo


  • Patrickf2 edited

    Patrick Frederickson

    Packaging Specialist


  • Rita Beckman

    Rita Beckman

    Marketing Manager

  • Chris Cantore

    Chris Cantore

    Design Director

  • Chasem

    Chase Mincey

    Associate Graphic Designer

  • Christina 01

    Christina Stradone

    Marketing Associate


  • Brittany Reitz

    Brittany Reitz

    Sales Director

  • Charliee

    Charlie Evans

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Donb

    Don Butts

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Stephen Ellison

    Stephen Ellison

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Evan Rourke

    Evan Rourke

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Timb

    Tim Bavlnka

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Chrisa

    Chris Andresen

    Regional Sales Representative

  • P Bone1 edited

    Patrick Bone

    Regional Sales Representative

  • Davide

    David Erickson

    Regional Sales Associate

  • Sarah Sexton

    Sarah Sexton

    Brand Ambassador

  • Zach Studnicka

    Zach Studnicka

    Brand Ambassador


  • Headshots Bob2

    Bob Zacharias

    General Manager

  • Kelsey Terhorst1ftgt

    Kelsey Terhorst


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2717 N Maplewood Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60647

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